I met this girl in a park at noon....

We are they who are us which is to say, The Casual Section

We are a punk rock quartet with aspirations of super stardom and brokering world peace.

Formed in 2010, we all first met at an open-mic night in Stoke Newington, North London. Michael (guitar) and James (bass) were there to showcase some of their slamming new tunes and were halfway through their first song when the ever unpredictable Robert Jackson (drums), jumped behind the kit on stage to give the songs some more "oomf". That night our friend and frontman Sean (vocals) was in the audience and he declared after our set "that geezer is going to play in our band". Turns out he was right.

From our first rehearsal in Rob's garage, we all brought something different to the table, from rock and indie to funk, blues and hip-hop, we tried to not confine ourselves to a particular genre, but play around with styles and see what naturally fell out of the mix. The sound we have, we like to call "Funkyskunk". It's rough and raw and a bit sleazy but it's also fun and energetic. With gigs storming across London, taking in a range of venues, we have built a bit of a reputation for having fast and loud shows. We are there to tell everyone that there was more to the London music scene than skinny jeans and trilby's. We are the mongrel dog that happened to get let into the house and spray mud and drool everywhere.

So that's us, casual to the core.

About Might As Well EP

First of all, go and have a listen to it. Go on, it's only there on the right.
I'll go get a cuppa tea and be back in twenty minutes.

Recorded in a day in a studio in South-East London, our aim was to capture our live sound and play a "set" as if we were at a gig. The edges have been polished a little, but it's still the same band and vibe that you would get if you came to see us in a dive bar in Kentish Town. The range of songs encompasses our four years as a band, taking in our punk numbers like Burn Baby Burn and Might As Well Be Me as well as slower tracks like Will We Ever and our jam track My Place.

Having a single day to record helped us to hone our playing - we didn't focus on changing our arrangements or multi tracking instruments - we wanted the impact and brashness of a gig to come across in the recording. We picked songs from our backlog that brought out the different facets of our music and hopefully show us as a fun band to listen to. We have had a positive response from our recording by the public, spreading the word and wisdom of The Casual Section.

And if you feel like being wonderful, maybe even buy a copy of the EP by clicking the download link over there. It's name your price!

We've had a lot of nice things said about us over the years and we've been renowed for an energetic live shows and here's what people have said about us.

"When life gives you winter, The Casual Section gives you punk. Perfectly raw, unpolished punk."
Geneva Trelease - OurDeadRadio.com

"@CasualSection Dope Music!"
Gordinii - Twitter

"Holy shit, that has to be one of the most incredible live acts I've ever seen. I finally know what it was like when those thirty people saw The Sex Pistols first gig.
The Casual Section, just now.

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